Graduation, Pre-K Style

Remember once upon a time, when the boys were itty bitty, and I was up to my eye-balls in diapers and formula? Seems like just yesterday sometimes! It also seems like just yesterday that I brought them for their first day of pre-school, and yet here I am with three little boys ready for kindergarten in August!

Last Friday was their last day of pre-k and they celebrated the day with a little graduation. The class processed in, sang some songs, made the moms in the room all cry (especially when the kids all found their moms, gave them a rose, and told us they loved us and thank you – sob!), and rocked out to “School’s Out For Summer” at the end.

What they want to be when they grow up:

Jackson: A basketball player, because then I can be on TV or something.

Ty: A dancer, because our Aunt Laura dance. (Totally made Aunt Laura tear up on that one!)

Chase: A science teacher and a dancer, because I want to teach kids science.

With their good buddy, Isabelle!

They had to go back up on stage, because they wanted to throw their hats in the air.

With their teachers, whom we all loved this year!


Oh, Jackson. You are your father’s son, that’s for sure.

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  • Cheryl Nichols

    Ah finally I can comment as I commented on FB yesterday that I couldn’t comment.

    Like the picture where they signed “jesus”!!! 🙂