Gorgeous Weekend!

Do you hear that? That, my friends, is the sound of all of Kansas City sighing in relief. Yesterday the heat wave finally broke and it has been delightful. Friday it was 103 here. Yuck! Let me just say this, I’m scared of what our electric bill will look like because in the last week and a half the AC has pretty much run non-stop. Friday night we got some thunderstorms which cooled things down just a touch for Saturday (a whole 10 degrees cooler), so Saturday morning Nick and I took advantage of the slightly cooler temps and took the boys to the zoo!

Saturday morning the zoo opened an hour early just for FOTZ (Friends of the Zoo), and they were giving out free Krispy Kreme donuts, bagels, bananas and drinks (coffee, juice, soda and chocolate milk). Awesomeness!

Mr. Chase

L-R: Jackson, Tyler & Chase

I have such friendly boys 🙂

Yesterday was just perfect! Sunny, breezy and in the mid-80’s. I’m pretty sure I heard our air conditioner sigh in relief at not having to be run at all. In the morning the boys and I headed out on a little walk. Their favorite thing to do? Throw stuff off bridges. I’m pretty sure all boys like to throw stuff off bridges. The item of choice yesterday was leaves. They liked how they floated on the surface of the water below.

With the gorgeous weather continuing today, I think it’s time to stop blogging and time to go outside!

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  • Aunt Sue

    Ahhh–throwing things off bridges! Being the fan of Pooh that you are, you must be familiar with “Pooh sticks”! Do you have any Pooh videos/DVDs? Ally and Dan used to love doing the same thing. I know I don’t have to tell you to enjoy these days…they’ll go so fast…. Love to everyone!ReplyCancel

    • Aunt Sue, that’s totally why the boys were throwing stuff off! They love Pooh Sticks! In fact, we started the morning looking for fir cones to throw off first, but then couldn’t find many, so moved on to a few sticks and then leaves 🙂ReplyCancel

  • We’re experiencing less humidity and cooler temp finally TODAY! Temp in my van said 69 this morning on my way to work (9:30) and I don’t think I’d seen it below about 77 in three weeks. And it just sits in the garage, not out in the heat usually.

    I thought of the Pooh Sticks thing too. LOLReplyCancel

  • All you pooh fans… here I was thinking at least they weren’t spitting off the bridge. LOLReplyCancel

  • Monica S.

    Unfortunately that throwing the things off the bridges doesn’t go away when boys grow up. My husband is 30 and likes to stop at that same bridge and throw things off of it too!ReplyCancel