Good Clean Fun

Yesterday afternoon, my boys crammed their feet into rain boots that are 1-2 sizes too small, all for the sake of some good clean dirty fun!

Jackson can get up there!

Nice one, Ty!

Lily was highly amused by her brothers’ splashing (although she doesn’t look it here).  After a while she was whining to get out of the stroller, but no way was I adding a 4th child to the bathing list for the night!

We now pause the muddy fun to admire something beautiful!

Oh, how I love Kansas City in the spring! Flowering trees abound, and these Redbuds are my favorite, by far!

They were having fun. Really, they were!

Then we took a break from the jumping, and found a side street where the water was rushing down the side. I had the boys find various objects in the grass to drop in the water up the street a bit, and we would find out what came down the street faster! Turns out dandelion heads are pretty speedy.

Then we found some worms, which had (wisely) vacated their homes. Sadly for them, that also means curious 4 year olds and hungry robins can find them easier!

Not sadly for me, my 4 year olds are willing to carry wiggly worms back home and put them in my garden for me!

The aftermath.

Ah, the fun memories!

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  • I so look forward to doing this with our girls! The stuff of awesome childhood memories, for sure! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • How fun!!! Love your new blog look.ReplyCancel

  • Kim

    Great pics! I used to think Jackson and Chase were harder to tell apart while Ty was easier because he has his own look… now, other than Ty being smaller, he and Chase are looking more and more alike while Jackson has his own look. Your boys, actually ALL of your kids, are gorgeous, as are your pictures! Kuddos to you!ReplyCancel

    • Thank you, Kim! And I think you’re right – Jackson’s facial expressions are almost always very different from the other two, while Ty and Chase seem to make similar faces now. I think Ty’s face is still a big narrower than Chase’s, but not by much now.ReplyCancel