Goats and Firetrucks

Lest any of you (or my children in 20 years) think all I do is focus on food or work, I thought I should share some photos from a fun day the kids and I had last week!

The day was gorgeous, so after picking the boys up at school, the 5 of us headed to a nearby petting farm! 

We started out in the one room schoolhouse, which the boys found pretty cool!

I love this comparison! The top photo was from when they were about Lily’s age (20 months).

And then we moved on to the baby goat pen! I let Lily out of her stroller, to just wander in there, for the first time. She spent the whole time giggling!

She also kept calling the goats “dogs” which was funny…

And squatting down so she could be eye-level with them.

The boys bought themselves some over-priced ice cream cones, using the money they’ve earned by filling their Chore Punch Cards. They’re always so proud to pay for something themselves!

After hanging out at the farm for a bit, we headed over to a fire station! See, one of the boys’ friends from pre-school last year has parents whom are firefighters. The mom had noticed on Facebook that the kids and I would be in her station’s area and she just happened to be on duty, so offered to give us a private tour! The boys were thrilled with the time they got to climb in and on the fire truck, checking out the station and the little swag bags she gave them!

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