Go to the Ocean {Summer Bucket List}

We had a lot of fun in Vermont this last weekend and now we’re living it up in Maine! I have tons of pictures to go through and share! Sunday evening we headed down to the beach so that the boys could see the ocean. We told them it would be a quick trip and a chance to just dip their toes into the water, but that’s not what happened….

Walking to the beach, and so very excited! (That’s my dad carrying Lily.)

Lily hung back with Aunt Laura (yep, she flew in from KC!), and wasn’t so sure at first.

Aunt Laura and most of her nieces and nephews!

And pretty soon more than just toes were getting wet…

The salty taste of the water was quite surprising to them.

Lily & Nick – I love this one! It didn’t take her long to figure out how awesome the beach is. She was running around, getting wet and signing “water” constantly!

Finally got someone out of the water long enough to hold the sign! (Ty)

Bet you all can guess the owner of these chubby feet!

Laura & Lily!

My sister-in-law Breanna and my youngest niece Amelia!

Abby, one of my other nieces.


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  • I am so very jealous that you are in Maine! We spent 2 weeks in Bar Harbor last summer and it was AMAZING! So glad to see you’re taking road trips with your kids, they are one of my favorite memories growing up 🙂ReplyCancel

  • pop pop

    I have to wonder if this might be the very place that Nick first touched the ocean ?? Loved having you and miss you already. When are you coming back ?ReplyCancel