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Ages I ago I wrote a little post about the boys’ favorite music at the time. You can read it here, if you’d like, but I can tell you one group in particular from that list has stood the test of time. Go Fish is still played in this house on a daily basis. When Jackson or Tyler are Kid of the Day it’s pretty much a guarantee that they will want to listen to Go Fish in the car. Chase is 50/50 on Go Fish or choosing “Mama Music” (Air1).

A little over a month ago Nick found a Go Fish DVD while he was cleaning out a room at church, so he brought it home for the boys to watch. Oh boy, watch it they have! The boys have studied the moves, memorized lines and even have each “claimed” a Go Fish Guy as their own, and when copying their moves the boys insist on standing in the same order/spot that “their guy” is in.

Even more entertaining than watching the boys “just” dance and sing along with the DVD though is watching them perform on stage. Besides bowling, the boys next favorite and most requested thing to do is to go to Bible Theater (the large group room in the kids wing at church) and sing Go Fish songs. They only get to do this once in a great while, but boy do they have a ball!

On Saturday, we headed to church a little early so that the boys could do their Go Fish routine. Oh the cuteness of it all! Nick and I were their only audience, but the boys played it up like there was a whole crowd in there (complete with Tyler jumping off the stage and slapping imaginary hands in the audience)!



Pictures really don’t do the show justice though. No, you need to actually see it and see it you shall! I took video!

For you e-mail subscribers, here’s the link to the video on YouTube:

I have to share a little word about this video… I posted this to my own Facebook Profile on Sunday night and I also shared it on the Go Fish Facebook Page in hopes the band would see it. Not only have 27 people shared this link on Facebook so far (and I don’t think most of them are family/friends because it hasn’t been showing up in my news feed), but the Go Fish Guys did see the video and re-shared it themselves! They said the video made their day!

While the video isn’t going to go viral (even though I joked with Nick that it would), it has had far more views than any other video of the boys… At last check it was at just under 500 views on YouTube! Hopefully the video made (makes) you smile too.

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