Getting Older

You know, for as crazy and tiring as it was having triplet babies, I find myself missing those days sometimes. I don’t miss them just because it meant the boys would stay in the general vicinity of where I put them down, but I miss the sweet giggles, the cuddles, the not talking back, the fun of watching the three of them discover each other and those first interactions… Not too mention the extreme sense of accomplishment at the end of the day for having survived another day with 3 children under the age of 1!

When I really begin to long for the “easier” days (i.e. not as emotionally exhausting days), I notice the awesome new things we get to do now that the boys are getting older.


Last week we took the boys and their bikes to a nearby trail head. The boys had been practicing up and down the sidewalk near our house, and we’ve brought the bikes to the big, empty church parking lot a handful of times, but we felt like they were ready for more. I can tell you this much – I should have dressed for a run, because I had to do a lot of jogging to catch up and keep up with them!

We had a wonderfully relaxing 45 minutes or so, out there on the trails. Lily got a kick out of being pushed fast by Nick, and also getting to watch the brothers she adores so much. The boys got a kick out of making me jog to keep up with them. And I loved having the moment to hang back and watch my little (ok, big by today’s standards) family enjoying a morning together.

Sure, 3 years ago Nick and I could have enjoyed a walk together and had the boys in the triple jogger or in their Choo Choo Wagon, and it would have been a peaceful adventure. But watching the boys pedal their bikes like pros made me think about all of the fun that is still to come as the boys continue to grow! I have awesome memories of family bike rides on the Rail Trail at Cape Cod, and I look forward to having memories like those with my own family!

Before I know it the boys will be begging to sign up for sports and I’ll become a full-fledged soccer mom, which will also generate fun memories. The faster the boys grow up, combined with how quickly Lily is growing up, has me realizing the baby stage is being pushed further and further into the distance. While I will rejoice when I no longer have to budget for diapers and wipes, I will also miss the sweet baby giggles, snuggles and curiosity. Maybe that’s why parents (moms especially, I suspect) continue to look in on their sleeping children at night… There’s just something about seeing your big kid, all sprawled out and peacefully asleep that makes you say “awww”, remind you of when they were tiny babies and make you count your blessings.

The school year is almost over here, which means it will be summer. Summer means another birthday for the boys, and I have a hard time fathoming it will be #5! Thankfully, because of cut-off date timing, I will have one more year before I have to send the boys off to Kindergarten.

We’re going to make the most of this summer, especially with the boys growing up so fast and learning how to do so many new things. Will you be making the most of yours?

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  • You hit the nail on the head–that’s EXACTLY why I check on my kids every night. I can hardly wait for summer!ReplyCancel

  • pop pop

    aaahhhh, fond memories of the Cape Cod rail trail and camping at Nickerson. Then there are all of the other camping memories. Moosehead, Disney and the islands. When you all visit this summer I will have a tent set up in the back yard !ReplyCancel