Funny Things They Do and Say

Honestly, this could easily become a weekly feature on my blog as the boys crack us up on a daily basis. Lately they’ve been especially funny though. I think a lot of it has to do with the amount of talking they now do. Here’s just a small sampling of the funny (or precious) things the boys have done recently….

~~~ Yesterday Chase and Jackson climbed up to the table to try to play with a pen I left sitting out. After I removed the pen they continued to sit there. After a couple of minutes I heard “more kiss!” followed by giggling. I turned around to see them give each other a kiss. Then the cycle repeated…. and repeated and repeated!

~~~ Jackson was sitting on the toilet when he suddenly giggled, turned to look up at me and said “melly toot!” (Smelly Toot). He also likes to routinely accuse me of having “melly toots” even when nothing has happened.

~~~ All three boys the other day spun around in circles in the living room to the point of stumbling around and crashing into furniture. They thought it was hilarious, even after Chase got a bloody lip from crashing into the TV stand.

~~~ Last night Tyler found a small piece of meat still on the table about an hour after dinner. Nick told him not to eat it, so instead he held up to his lips like he was going to eat it. Needless to say, Nick was unable to keep a straight face and stern tone…

~~~ Yesterday things got awfully quiet in the boys’ room so I went to investigate… I found Jackson crawling around under his crib. When I came back with the camera Chase and Tyler had joined in the fun.

This wasn’t the first time this week though that I’ve caught all three congregating under some piece of furniture…

~~~ I don’t even know what’s going on here. I found the picture on my camera though, which means Nick is the one who took it.
~~~ And as I’ve been writing this post I’ve sneezed a couple of times and Jackson has followed with an “A Choooo!”

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