Fun With Grandparents Pt3 – Video Clip of the Week

Our 3 weeks of fun are officially over now. As I type this blog entry Nick’s parents and youngest brother and sister are in the air, on the way back to Vermont. The boys have become quite spoiled in these last three weeks… They had lots of attention and lots of fun and I fear I won’t be entertaining enough for them for these next couple of days! We’ve also eaten out plenty (6 times in the last 2 weeks) and now every time we get in the car the boys think we’re going out to eat!

One of the many fun things we did this last week was to take the boys down to the Crown Center Fountains again. Here’s a quick snippet of video to give you an idea of the fun that can be had there!

Our week with Meme, Papa, Uncle Isaac and Aunt Moriah was filled with other fun things too…

We ate out at Winstead’s Saturday night after church and Jackson completely polished off his own kids meal (mini cheese burger, fries and chocolate milk)! Usually we get away with ordering 2 kids meals and splitting it between the 3 boys but I think that may be changing.

Jackson proud of finishing his meal

Uncle Isaac and Chase making funny faces together
We went to Bass Pro Shops to look around. That kept the boys entertained for a solid 90 minutes and they were sad when we left! Nick and I are thinking this will be a great place to go this winter….

Meme and Papa bought the boys these nifty hats at Bass Pro. It’s too hard to take a picture of the hats on the boys, so you’ve got to settle for this.

We also did some swimming in the pool at the hotel they stayed at. (Note the new swim trunks! Those are technically for next year (size 3T) but they work now too (just a little long). I think they’re adorable!)

And we did a lot of playing here at the house.

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