Fun With Grandparents – Pt 2

We sure know how to pack the fun in around here! Monday afternoon my parents arrived back in town (they had been visiting my brother and his family in west Texas) and that evening we took the boys out to dinner, where they got buzzed on lemonade (see those videos here).

Tuesday morning we headed to one of the boys’ favorite places, Deanna Rose Farmstead! Chase was excited to see Grandma had a whole bag of quarters for animal feed. Chase has no fear of the animals while Tyler flat out refuses to feed the big goats (he’s ok with the baby sized ones).

Chase in stripes, Jackson in green and wearing a hat, Tyler in brown

Towards the end of our time there Pop Pop treated the boys to popsicles. What a mess that turned into! It was a full day before the green stain on their face, hands, arms and legs wore off.

Last night we all (Nick was home!) went out to dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. Tyler was observant and all on his own signed “tree” while he was looking at broccoli. I always thought they looked like little trees too! Just for you, my loyal summer readers, here is a bonus video this week!

This afternoon I will take my parents to the airport. It’s been a fun trip and the boys have had a ball! Thankfully they won’t be bored for long as Saturday morning Nick’s parents, brother and youngest sister fly in for 5 days of fun!

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