Fun With Grandparents – Pt 1 of 3

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Last weekend my parents arrived for a two week visit to the mid-west and Texas. On Monday afternoon they headed to Texas (driving) to visit my brother and his family for a few days. This coming Monday they’ll return here for a few more days before heading back to Maine. Then two days after they leave Nick’s family will arrive for a visit, which is why the “Fun With Grandparents” will consist of 3 parts!

We managed to pack a lot of fun into the first part of my parents’ visit here. We took the boys to the pool at the hotel my parents were staying at. Let me just say, Jackson is CRAZY in the water! The kid was exhausting to try to hold and keep above water and we all traded off with him several times.

I promise you my dad was not trying to drown a grandson here… just happened to catch the fall on camera!

This one makes me laugh!

We also took Grandma and Pop Pop to the Triplets Plus of Kansas City family picnic. It was 100 degrees and miserably humid, but we all had fun anyway!

This would be Jackson wiping grass off his tongue after he face planted while running in the grass.
This isn’t even the entire group… One set of kids took off running and their mom was chasing them down during photo time. There were some other stragglers too. It’s tough getting that many kids to hold still for a picture!

The boys also played in the sandbox with Grandma and Pop Pop for a bit

Then I tried to take a picture of the boys with Grandma and Pop Pop… That didn’t go so well. Tyler decided at that moment to be super clingy to me. This was the only one where he didn’t look like he wanted to get away and wouldn’t you know my mom wasn’t looking at the camera?

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