Fun Times

I’ve been spending my morning trying to settle a crabby Lily and trying to remove two splinters from Tyler’s hand. Lily is finally dozing off and Tyler’s splinters are still in his hand. Anyone have any genius tips for removing splinters from a wiggling 3 year old?

Today I’m just going to share some random pictures from the last week or so! Enjoy 🙂

I love this munchkin and I love taking her picture (as you’ll find out today…)

Nothing beats a game of giant connect 4!

Although these balance board, ball maze things are pretty cool too…

Like Tyler’s outfit?

Teaching Aunt Laura how to play Angry Birds

Picnic with some friends!

Throwing stuff off a bridge = fun for a boy.

Uh oh Tyler, quick! Put it back in her mouth!

Jackson and Lily

Tyler: “Lily is sooooo big!”

I love this shot of Laura and Lily 🙂

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  • help hint for Tyler’s splinters is to get a tube of Draw out Salve at your local pharmacy, and put a small amount over the splinters and then put band aids over them and that stuff will draw out the splinter and it usually works great! I used some just the other day on myself for a splinter. Hope this helps!!ReplyCancel

    • That helps tremendously! As soon as Lily wakes up again we’ll head for Walgreen’s. Tyler’s tired of me poking at his hand!ReplyCancel

      • as long as he’ll leave the band aids on, it should work…gotta give it a little while, but at the most it will take 24 hours!ReplyCancel

  • We always just put on a wet bandaid overnight. In the morning, it’s dry, and the splinter is sucked out 😉ReplyCancel

  • Charlotte

    What lovely photos! Lily is beautiful 🙂ReplyCancel

  • I love, love, love the picture on the bridge.ReplyCancel

  • I love the pictures of Lily and your sister…beautiful! 🙂ReplyCancel