Fun in the Sun!

We’ve been having terrible, rainy, dreary weather most of the week. It’s gross. Yesterday I went into the basement to discover water gushing in through one of the corner walls and a small river running through the basement. Thankfully our basement is not finished, so nothing got ruined. Even better is I figured out what the problem was (after dashing out into the pouring rain a couple of times) and my quickly becoming handy husband was able to fix it last night. We’ve had even more rain today and I’m proud to say there is no new water in our basement! Hooray!

Anyway, all this rain had me reminiscing about the GORGEOUS weather we had just last week…

Last Thursday I met my sister and my friend Wendy and her son William at Deanna Rose Farmstead for some fun. The boys had a great time as always! We spent some considerable time at the little playground within the farmstead. I’m pretty sure the boys would have stayed on these “horses” all day if I’d let them!

Jackson is in gray, Tyler in blue and Chase in orange

Wendy had brought her stroller for William to sit in, but William didn’t want to sit in it – he wanted to run around. The boys were fascinated by this single stroller and it’s steering wheel! As soon as one boy jumped out the other two were trying to climb in.

Pray this terrible weather moves out by the end of the weekend! The March for Babies is on Sunday and we want nice weather!

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