Fun Events & Lily’s Newest Trick

Considering we’re only halfway through June, the boys have had a pretty fun month so far! Earlier in the month, a friend offered her family’s tickets to the AFL (Arena Football League) game the next day. There were 4 tickets and 4 excited boys, so Nick loaded the fellas up and they drove downtown for the game. Nick brought our little pocket video camera and snapped some pics of the boys while they were there. (This was also the boys’ first pro-sports event!)

Just a few rows from the action!

The boys (all 4 of ’em) had a ball! Thanks again, Lindsey and Matt!

Another fun event happened just last night. This week is VBC (Vacation Bible Camp) week at church and last night they did a family fun night. Nick told me I could bring the boys by for the fun, and I wasn’t about to pass that chance up! Check out the narthex…

Awesome, huh? And there was one more inflatable that I couldn’t fit in the picture! Heavy rain had moved through that afternoon, so all of the inflatables got set up inside. Food and large hamster balls remained outside.

The boys enjoying a hot dog dinner on the sidewalk, before heading inside for more jumping!

Waiting in line (a relatively new concept for them that was hard to grasp).

After a couple of hours of bouncing and food consumption, everyone headed into the sanctuary to watch a highlight video from the week and hear the kids recite their memory verses and do a couple of the songs they learned. The theme is Jonah this year, and there are the boys hanging out in front of the whale after the program!

And finally, Miss Lily’s newest trick…

Yep, she’s all about grabbing her feet now!

(Can I tell you how much I love the focus on this photo? And yes, that was intentional.)

Most times, when I walk back to her room to get her after a nap or after a night of sleep, she’s grabbing her feet.

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  • Looks like the boys had a lot of fun! Its funny, my post today was also about foot grabbing. They grow up so fast.ReplyCancel

  • Alicenne

    That looked like an amazing afternoon, and Lily is as cute as ever!ReplyCancel

  • I love her fat rolls! She is absolutely adorable! You guys have a gorgeous family.ReplyCancel