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You know what makes my day? Besides my children being tantrum free or stopping by Sonic for a Diet Coke with Vanilla, of course..


Comments left here on the blog and comments left on the blog’s Facebook page.

Seriously. Totally makes my day to see that people are reading and care enough to leave a little note. My heart rate tends to increase a bit when I see a new comment has been left. Imagine my excitement then, when I receive an e-mail about the blog! Bliss!

A couple of weeks ago, Rachel sent me an e-mail full of random questions. The questions cracked me up and I thought “I could answer her the old fashioned way (with just a reply), but it would be more fun to answer these on the blog”. So Rachel, here you go! Sorry it took me a bit to answer these burning questions – life has been hectic this month!


First off, I’d just like to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog so far. You have the cutest, sweetest (well, most of the time, right?? LOL) boys I’ve ever seen.

Now, on to the questions!

1. What are your boys favorite colors??

I think if you asked the boys this question they would just stare at you or say “ice cream”! I have noticed though they each have a tendency to gravitate towards certain colors… Tyler is a big fan of green, and Nick and I often wonder if it’s because when he was really little we made sure his cups were always green (you know, the whole color-coding for ease thing). Chase seems to prefer blue most often and Jackson likes red.

2. Are any of your boys left handed/left footed??

As it stands right now, it appears the boys will take after their father… who is a lefty. I’d say right now we’re at 80% of the time being “lefty” and the other 20% they use their right for eating, throwing or hitting. I haven’t paid attention enough to how they kick balls!

3. Do your boys have innie or outie belly buttons??

Jackson has a freakish belly button, thanks to the umbilical hernia he had as a baby. It’s an all stretched out outie. I’m hoping he grows into it a bit (kinda like my brother had to grow into his ears). Tyler (especially) and Chase have pretty perfect and adorable belly buttons, I think. I’m not really sure if you would consider them innies or outies though. They’re almost like a combo of the two.

So you can see Jackson’s freakish one on top and on the bottom is Chase. Tyler’s is very similar to his.

4. Are your boys ticklish??

Oh very much so! I love those squeals and giggles whenever I tickle them! Hilarious!

5. What was it like potty training three boys at once?? How did you manage to be so consistent with it (keep at it?)??

Let’s put it this way – I’ve heard training a puppy is brutal, but after PTing three boys at once I’m pretty sure I could take on a puppy. PTing was exhausting both mentally and physically. I couldn’t wait to be done, both so the budget could have some breathing room and, more importantly, so I could clean my carpets. Sheer determination helped me stick with it. I’d read so many times that few things are more detrimental to potty training than waffling back and forth between working on it and not. You either go for it or you don’t – you don’t try for half a day, give up and say “we’ll try again tomorrow, or next week”. Once we started, I knew we were in for the long haul.

6. Finally, what is it like living in a house with 4 boys?? How do you manage to stay sane in a house with so much testosterone lol??

I’m thinking it’s probably best I don’t know any better. Kinda like how I’m glad I had triplets first and a singleton second. With triplets being our first shot at parenthood, Nick and I didn’t know how much harder it was. We just did what we had to to survive and didn’t have anything to compare it to. So far, I don’t have much to compare this to. I have an exceptional husband who, from what I hear, is not a typical male. He’s neat, cleans up after himself, does his own laundry, puts the toilet seat down and isn’t gross. He’s training the boys to be the same way! I feel like a queen in her castle right now!

Also, good luck with your new baby. Can’t wait to see what it is. I hope you finally get your little girl, but something tells me that you have more another boy in your future lol. (Glad you were wrong about that!)



Thanks for the fun questions, Rachel! Happy Friday everyone!

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  • Anna G

    I think Jackson’s belly button is adorable! Not freakish at all. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Nicky

    If you are a SAHM then why do your boys go to preschool since you definitely do not need the daycare. I think that young children can get their social skills at drop in centers and when they start regular school. Why spend the money on preschool if you do not have to ?ReplyCancel

    • While the boys are technically getting some preschool eduction, the program they are enrolled in right now is a child’s day out (or mother’s day out). It’s one day a week for 4 hours. Kinda like that “drop in center” you mentioned. While the boys get plenty of socialization at playdates and church, my husband and I felt like they would think “school” was fun. We were right. They love it! They get to do things there that I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot poll (like playing with worms this last week), they’re meeting new kids and I get a much needed mini-break.ReplyCancel

  • Jon paul steuer

    It’s because he’s mutilated at birth. That caused it. #Intactivist #IDespiseImCircumcised ReplyCancel