From Baby Room to Big Boy Room

This week we made a big change. We moved our little boys from their cribs into toddler beds. Before we could do that though, I wanted to transform their room from babyish to one that was bright, colorful and definitely for older boys! Wednesday night Nick and I conferred over some paint samples and decided on colors. Thursday afternoon I took the boys to Home Depot to buy the paint and supplies we would need. Right after dinner Nick and I dismantled the boys’ cribs just so we could move them into the playroom. (Random rant here: why can’t they make cribs half an inch narrower so that they’ll fit through a standard door?!)

Their room before we moved the cribs…
Temporary housing
After we got the boys’ down for the night on Thursday, Nick and I tackled their bedroom. Of course this all had to happen during March Madness much to Nick’s dismay, so we had the laptop set up in the room so that Nick could watch the K-State game while painting. Thursday we painted the ceiling and the first coat of red before heading to bed at 12:30am. 
Progress is being made
Friday morning my sister came over to watch the boys so that Nick and I could tackle the room together again, and it definitely made life easier. By 4:00pm I was painting the final coat of a small section and by 7pm we were ready to hang the curtains back up, anchor the dresser to the wall again and get the boys’ toddler beds moved in.
I need to confess, as it dawned on me that I’d never made a bed before for our children I got a little teary eyed! Nothing says “hey, your kids are growing up” like putting pillows in pillow cases, tucking in a flat sheet and putting a comforter on top of a little bed. 
The boys were ecstatic with their new room and new beds and Nick and I were thrilled too! Tomorrow I’ll update you as to how we’re doing with the whole staying in bed thing.
Tyler and Jackson checking things out for the first time
We let them each pick where they wanted to sleep. It should be noted that Jackson and Chase switched from where they originally picked.
Tyler in his sports bed
Chase trying out the robot bed (which Jackson now sleeps in)
Jackson trying out the car bed which he then turned over to Chase and now regrets.
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