Fountain Fun

Last week the boys, my sister Laura and I went to a fun playdate at the Crown Center Fountains in downtown Kansas City. Without Aunt Laura there, we likely would not have attended this particular playdate; the boys don’t really listen well and the fountains are not only crowded, but also right next to a busy street.

I’m really glad she could make it because the boys had a ball! My only regret was not having another adult there so I could take more action shots. Or maybe a bigger regret was not having a change of clothes for Laura and myself… we were pretty wet!

Be sure to check out the video clip of the week on Wednesday… Laura took a hilarious video of the boys on the way to the fountains!


Chase & Ty

Chase, Jackson & Ty having a cookie break

Aunt Laura and Jackson (I think!)

Aunt Laura being brave with Chase & Jackson

Aunt Laura & Ty
Aunt Laura & Jackson (I think!)
Ty, Chase & Jackson watching the fountain show (the fountains are synchronized with music)
Jackson, Chase & Ty

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