In the unbelievable excitement of my husband returning home last Thursday night (he had been gone since Monday morning), I completely forgot to blog on Friday! I’m sure any mom of young kids who has been left to fend for herself for 4 days can understand my excitement. At any rate, I apologize for leaving you hanging!

While Nick was gone, we had a break through at the dinner table. One night I gave the boys mac ‘n cheese with peas. I ambitiously decided to stick a fork in each bowl and see what would happen. Generally the boys like to just chew on the forks while shoveling food into their mouths with their other hand. Not tonight though!

The first thing Mr. Chase did was pick up that fork and put it in this mouth… with food on the fork! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I cheered him on and told him to do it again while signing “more”. He giggled and did it again. My child actually scooped some food onto that fork and put the fork in his mouth before the food could fall off again! I just kept cheering him on and before I knew it dinner was over and he had eaten probably 3/4 of his dinner using a fork.

Here are a few pictures I snapped of Chase using his fork. Now to teach his brothers how to use theirs!

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