Food from the Floor

Apparently food that falls onto the floor tastes better. Or maybe it’s just fun to crawl around under the table looking for scraps to nibble on (much like a dog, which is ironic considering we don’t have a dog and the boys have never been around one).

The boys eat pretty well while they’re at the table, but they make a MESS! It’s not usually on purpose (although we have those moments too) though. They just shovel food into their mouths so fast that half of it falls out of their hands before it makes it to the mouth. Generally we pick up the food off the floor before letting the boys out of their chair or we put them right into The Pit so that they can’t get into the food on the floor. The other day though I let them down without cleaning up first and noticed an interesting thing…. Even though they had appeared “all done” at the table, they were picking up food and eating it like they hadn’t been fed all day!

Now when I see a lot of food on the floor (especially if they’re of the vegetable variety) I will intentionally not clean up before letting them down because I figure they’ll eat some more! When I told Nick what I was blogging about today he confessed to doing the same thing lately too. Maybe we should just serving all meals on the floor… Jackson would be happy about that!

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