First Trip to the Dentist

Monday morning the boys had their first dentist visit. A month or so ago a dental hygienist visited their preschool and told them all about the dentist and the “rocket chair” that goes up and down. Due to that visit, the boys were pretty excited about going to the dentist! I was hoping the enthusiasm would still be there when we actually arrived, but wasn’t counting on it. Turns out I had nothing to worry about!

Before I recap the visit, I just have to tell you how excited I am to have found a new location for family portraits!

Pretty sweet, huh? I know all my photog friends will be booking up sessions at the dentist now!

Jackson, who was Kid of the Day, volunteered to go first. He hopped right up in the chair and was ready to roll!

Time to count those teeth!

At this point, Jackson complained that the light was too bright. I hear ya, buddy!

Turns out Jackson isn’t the first kid to complain about that! The hygienist whipped out these sweet shades for him to wear. Ahhh, all better!

Tyler went next and was quite excited to get into the chair and check out his choppers.

Chase was a little pro at keeping his mouth open for the cleaning.

Just chillin’ in this sweet chair…

“Vacuuming” out his mouth. He and Tyler loved sucking stuff out of their mouths but Jackson hated that thing. He had to rinse the more traditional way.

Nick and I were beyond impressed with how well the boys did! The dentist noticed an enamel problem on one molar in both Tyler and Chase (same molar oddly enough) and sent us two doors down to the pediatric dentist to make an appointment with them. They’ll go for that on Friday morning. Basically, this enamel problem was formed even before they were born. She said it could have been from a virus I picked up during the pregnancy or any other number of things; they don’t really understand why it happens. She said there’s nothing we could have done to prevent the softening of the enamel, so not to beat ourselves up over it. She was a bit mystified that Jackson wasn’t showing the same problem though (yet).

It’s very likely that Tyler at least (his softening was worse and she was afraid it was decaying already) will need that tooth capped and Chase is a possibility. If it wasn’t a molar (which he needs for another 8-10 years) we could just pull the tooth, but because it’s an important tooth for eating and for helping to guide his adult teeth in we need that tooth to stay put. Bummer!

She also found it interesting that Tyler has an under bite while Jackson has an over bite and Chase seems normal right now. I was also relieved to know that while the spacing of Jackson’s teeth is related to his blanket sucking that his over bite is not. Whew!

Just goes to show you, even identical multiples aren’t identical in every single way I guess!

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  • Achelle

    Love your new portrait place! =)

    We were told the same thing with my daughter’s teeth. That the enamel is porous on some of her teeth and really shouldn’t worry too much about it. She did get a crown on the molar that had it the worse. She calls it her jewel. =) And next week she will get another filling on the other porous tooth…originally filled a year and a half ago but needs to be redone.

    Good luck to Tyler & Chase on their next appointments!ReplyCancel

  • Nellie Bragg

    Helen, you and Nick are doing such a great job with these precious gifts from God! Bless you both!ReplyCancel

  • Never thought I could use these two words in the same sentence, but it looks like you had FUN at the DENTIST!! Great pics, and so glad the boys weren’t too leary of that chair. Had to take one of my little guys after a minor tooth injury when he was about 12 months old and turns out, the pediatric dentist actually likes when kids scream and cry…it means their mouths stay open!ReplyCancel