First Sleepover

This past weekend was a weekend of “firsts”, or it’s-been-so-long-since-we-last-did-this we might as well call it a “first” again.

A few weeks ago my sister called me out of the blue to beg me to let her do a sleep-over at her apartment, with the boys. I’ll be honest, she didn’t have to beg much. The only hold-up was Nick being skittish about the boys’ health. I assured him we wouldn’t send the boys to her place if they were sick or just getting over being sick. Thankfully, the boys have been healthy all month and they were super excited by the time Saturday night arrived!

Saturday, after church, (which, by the way they were little terrors at) Laura met us to swap car keys and take our kiddos. Excited faces all around!

Nick and I had grand plans as Laura and the boys drove off that night. See, tomorrow is our 8th anniversary, so this timing worked out perfectly! The first thing we did was go out to dinner. Before we found out I was pregnant with triplets, we used to go out to dinner (or get take-out) every Saturday night after church. It was our date night! When we found out I was carrying three, date night stopped so that we could save as much money as possible.

After dinner we headed to my new favorite dessert place in Kansas City for some chocolaty treats! We then spent a good hour or so just walking around the shopping plaza. As we were driving home Nick commented how funny it is that just window shopping together is exciting for us. He did also mention though that we do still have fun, it’s just a different kind of fun now that we have kids.

While we were having dinner, the boys were having all kinds of fun with their Aunt Laura!

While Laura made dinner, the boys stood on her balcony and yelled “Hello, down there!” even though there was nobody there.

They built an awesome fort, which is apparently where the boys also slept all night.

And they stalked poor Marbles (Laura’s cat). Laura told me that when she checked on the boys at one point during the night, Marbles was curled up asleep next to Chase. Guess the boys aren’t as scary when they’re sleeping!

I will say this, it was bizarre to come home without the boys. True, we’ve already spent one night away from them (Laura came and slept at our place in July so that Nick and I could finally have one night away), but this was the first time since September 11, 2007 (the day Jackson came home from the NICU) that Nick and I were alone in our house. Waking up the next morning (after the sun had come up!) and hearing absolutely nothing was a treat and weird all at once.

I sure missed my little monkeys though and was excited to pick them up later that morning and then get the chance to tuck them into bed last night.


A Huge Thank You and HAPPY BIRTHDAY

to my sister, Laura!

I’m so glad you live nearby 🙂

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  • It looks like they had a blast! I am am glad you and Nick got to enjoy some time together! Happy Birthday to your sister!ReplyCancel

  • Awesome! I bet they will talk about that sleepover for days.ReplyCancel

  • Aunt Sue

    Yay for sisters! They’re the best! How fun to remember getting the news that Laura was born – two days before we were married! And Happy Anniversary to you and Nick – also a fun date to remember the day before our anniversary. May God continue to bless your marriage. Wishing you both a beautiful day. Love you all lots!ReplyCancel

  • Auntie Laura

    YAY!!!!!! THanks Helen!!!!ReplyCancel

  • It’s hard enough to pawn off one kid – and you had to pawn off three to your sister (who doesn’t have kids of her own – another hard one). She’s a saint 🙂

    Glad everyone had a good time.ReplyCancel