First Show

Late last week I got lucky and won a “family 4 pack” of tickets to see Nickelodeon’s Storytime Live. Obviously 4 tickets doesn’t cut it this for family, and I wasn’t able to purchase a 5th ticket next to us, so I decided to do something either really brave or really stupid. I took the boys by myself.

Sunday afternoon I threw matching t-shirts on the boys (so it would be easy to spot them in a crowd if one chose to break ranks and run ahead), loaded them into the van and headed downtown. They were beyond excited at the prospect of seeing Dora, Boots and Swiper live!

The boys were in awe at the big, fancy theater with its fancy bathrooms, chandeliers and carvings and paintings on the ceiling. Nothing compares though to the looks on their faces when these giant, singing and dancing, costumed characters came out on the stage. They didn’t have a clue who the first act was (or the 2nd or 3rd for that matter, because of course Dora would have to be last), but they were loving it! I loved just watching their faces.

When the second act came out (Backyardigans I think?), Jackson started to get whiny and impatient to see Dora. Oh boy… He pretty much continued his whiny, edge of melt-down ways until intermission. Then the third act came out and it still wasn’t Dora and Jackson started up again. Thankfully, Chase distracted us towards the end of that act by needing a bathroom break. We all hurried back from the bathroom, just in time to see Dora. Ahhhh! The excitement!

Those twenty minutes made the whole afternoon worth it. The boys were on cloud 9! With the exception of Jackson’s attitude for most of the show, the boys did awesome. They held hands in the parking garage, they held hands in the theater, they didn’t whine when we had to leave the show to use the bathroom, etc. I was thrilled that it went so well!

In other news, Chase was the only one who got to go to school this morning. Jackson and Tyler ran fevers all day yesterday and still had some this morning. Pray they get well soon! Chase was fine after 24 hours but Tyler and Jackson are well past that mark now.

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  • Glad they had a good time. Hope the boys get well quickly!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel

    They always save the best for last don’t they LOL.ReplyCancel

  • pop pop

    You have three fine young men there Helen. Good job to you and Nick !!ReplyCancel

  • RoseAnne

    Ummm – were you the only ones in the theater? Glad you had a good time.ReplyCancel

    • LOL! We were there about 15 minutes early so that we’d have plenty of time to use the bathroom. There really weren’t many people up in the balcony behind us though.ReplyCancel