First Parade

As a child I attended many small town parades. Small town parades are always entertaining because you never know what will come around the corner next! This past weekend there was a parade nearby. Technically this could not be called a small town parade as the town is not small, but it sure had that small town parade feel!

So what was the occasion that warranted a parade in mid-May you ask? Why the birthday of Harry S. Truman of course! I think I read somewhere this was his 125th birthday weekend (he’s not living still of course), but they have this parade every year. We weren’t really sure what to expect when we headed out, but we knew no matter how small the parade was the boys would get a kick out of it. What did we see at this parade?

Well of course we would see Harry S. Truman in his own parade!

I don’t even know… I’ll tell you what though, it was hilarious to see them walking around after the parade with the horse heads deflated and just hanging there!

Nick tells me this is Iron Man. All I know is an Avon lady was walking with the car and handing out Avon catalogs.

I believe these are the looks that were given to that guy popping out of the car…
Or it could be they were looking at these girls…

The best parts of the parade were the gobs of candy thrown at the boys (which Nick and I dutifully ate for them)…

Or seeing a whole bunch of dogs walking down the road!
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