First Day of School

This week, preschool kicked off for the boys. They were excited about going 3 mornings a week this year, even though it meant not bringing lunch like they did last year (last year they did one day a week, but a longer day). On Tuesday we headed to “orientation” and they got to check out their room, meet their teachers and a few of the kids in their class.

Tuesday night we built the boys up for the big day, told them what we expected of them when it came time to get ready to go, etc. All was well until Ty had a melt down over clothing. *sigh*

The meltdown went on and on and eventually resulted in Ty being walked to the car, carrying his shoes. He then proceeded to whine and cry for most of the 20 minute car ride. We got to the school, got Ty’s shoes on and unloaded. Then I tried to take a picture or two of the boys, cause I have a bit of a photography problem…

This is the only picture I got of Jackson, and I think I was lucky to get that…

That’s the only picture I could get of Chase.

And that’s the only picture I could get of Ty. Yep. Nada. He was too busy melting down on the sidewalk over my request for a picture. *sigh again*

All was not lost on the day as far as photographs go though! I did manage to finally take the boys 4 year pictures. Chase had requested his pictures be taken in a field of sunflowers.

Seriously. He did! Clearly I’m rubbing off on him, if he’s already scouting photo locations at the age of 4.

Ty, however, did not want sunflowers in his pictures. Instead, he wanted prairie grass. Lucky for me, the fields right next to the church parking lot provide both this time of year! By using the right angles, you wouldn’t even know we were in a parking lot, in suburban Kansas City!



(If I get the time, I will probably try to edit out that grass that looks like it’s on his mouth.)


(Ironically enough, his pictures with the sunflowers came out terribly, but he rocked the prairie grass!)



L-R: Ty, Chase and Jackson

After doing some quiet time at home, I set up my little “studio” and we did some more pictures!




The serious model pose.

L-R: Jackson, Chase, Ty

Probably the best shot of the three of them! (And yes, they’re very tan.)

And we had many, many silly shots. The boys have requested that I make a slide-show of all their silly pictures, and I’m inclined to do just that!

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  • Mardi

    You have three handsome little boys! I can’t believe you got even one shot of them all together:) I love the single shot of Ty in the black background – he has the sweetest smile.ReplyCancel

  • These pictures are so good! Okay…maybe not the kindergarten ones, but even in those, you have some good-looking boys. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Awww. I love their 4 year old photos. Too cute!!ReplyCancel

  • Great Pictures. The boys are growing so fast. What do you use for your “studio”? I have a Nikon D90 but I don’t really have any other studio equipment.ReplyCancel

    • Nick built me a frame out of PVC pipe and I clamped a blanket on it.ReplyCancel

  • Jamie Turk

    I love these pictures. They made me smile!ReplyCancel

  • Photos are great! Would love to know how you set up your studio at home, and what equipment (or makeshift equipment) you use. Can’t wait til my guys sit still long enough for me to get a picture of them both looking in the same direction!ReplyCancel

    • I’ll do a post about my set-up, Margie!

      My trick to get pics of the boys at that age (happy 2nd birthday to your boys BTW!), was to let them sit or stand in a spot they weren’t normally allowed to be. They were so fascinated by it for just long enough for me to snap some pictures of them before the novelty wore off and they were ready to take off again.ReplyCancel

  • FABULOUS! Amazing job and what great models to smile for you! We just had our 3rd birthday shoot and I’m not sure if we have one pic of them all smiling. Oh,well.

    Thanks so much for the Tank from pyjammy! TOO cute and comfy. Blogged about it! Thanks again!ReplyCancel