First Day of School!

Ladies and gentlemen…. SCHOOL HAS STARTED!!

I’m not excited in the least…. ha!

We’ve all been driving each other just a little crazy in the last few weeks, so I think we were all very ready for the school year to begin. The boys wanted to be out of the house more often and with some friends, and I wanted some structure back in our lives (not too mention a little break from the wrestle mania that goes on here).

The boys are in a Pre-K class this year, which means afternoon classes (instead of morning) and one longer day too! They’ll have computer class, field trips and two really fun teachers. They are SO excited!

We took some “first day” pictures outside of the school (which is also our church) this afternoon, and Jackson (who is Kid of the Day) insisted on doing them in front of the fountain, which is also full sun at 12:30 in the afternoon. As a result, we have some pretty hilarious, squinty-eyed pictures. Enjoy!




L-R: Jackson, Ty, Chase

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