Final Snow Pictures of the Season (I Hope)

Here’s hoping these are the final snow pictures of  this winter! In a five day period, KC got slammed with two snow storms, dumping an entire season’s worth of snow in those five days! It meant 4 snow days for the boys, lots of use out of the snow pants they are rapidly outgrowing, and tons of fun. You’ve already seen pictures (and video) from the first storm, when my parents were in town, so here are the pictures from the second storm!

The snow was super sticky the second time around, which makes the trees just gorgeous! It also meant some limbs fell, a lot of people lost power for more than a day (including people just across the street from us), and a house on the other end of our block had an entire tree fall onto their house. We were lucky all we lost were limbs!

This picture was taken before the second storm. Our city had a snowman building contest, and we’re waiting to hear who the winners were. Fingers are crossed here! We called our entry “triplets become sextuplets”. Now that the snow is melting, all three snowmen had their heads fall off yesterday, which the boys found highly amusing.


Update! Shortly before 5pm today, I got a call that we won one of the three categories! The prize is a year long, family membership to the community center. The boys were so excited when I told them! Lots of cheering and high-fives going around!

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  • Angela

    Haha! As pretty as that is, I think I’ll stick to my 70 degree San Antonio spring just now!ReplyCancel

  • I don’t blame you one bit, Angela! 70’s sounds fabulous right now!ReplyCancel

  • So pretty, but I’ll be glad to see it all melt.

    Congrats on winning the competition. I’m sure the kids will love the community center.ReplyCancel

  • How exciting! Congratulations on winning! That will provide you with some options that might be fun for all the little ones!

    I’ve missed catching up with your blog. I’ve had some computer issues and wound up having to buy a new one as the other one crashed, thereby losing all my favorites.:-(

    Your family is absolutely precious, and I know what it takes to get everyone on the same page.:-) Almost impossible!

    Blessings to you!