Field Trippin’

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to chaperone one of the boys’ field trips! I’ve been waiting all year for my turn (Nick got to attend one last fall), and I’m glad I waited – our field trip was awesome! We all loaded onto a bus and headed downtown to visit the SeaLife Aquarium, and then lunch at Fritz’s. Our family hasn’t ventured to SeaLife yet (holy expensive, Batman!), so the boys and I were pretty pumped about this one!

Jackson and Chase making fish faces at the fish was cracking me up!

Ty, noticing the camera is out and flashing me a little smile. What a guy 🙂
{And pay no attention to the bizarre coloring – they had different colored lights at each exhibit – wait until you see the Jelly Fish shot!}

Probably my favorite series from the trip! Chase’s faces just crack me up! L-R: Jackson, Chase, Ty

We loved the smiling stingrays!

At Fritz’s for lunch! What’s special about this place? A train brings you your food! Food quality leaves a little (or a lot) to be desired, so really you go for the train. The kids love it!


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