Feed a Buffalo {Summer Bucket List}

Yep, back to back “feeding ____” posts! Random, I know. One of the items on our list was to feed a buffalo, and while we went out with the intention of feeding one, we ended up feeding something else…

See those little black dots, waaaaay back there? Yeah, those are the buffalo. Apparently they couldn’t be bothered with walking over to our section of fence though. Silly buffalo didn’t know we had yummy apples with us! Thankfully, another animal was more than happy to eat the apples we brought….


We’ll just cross that “buffalo” off and write “elk” on the card when I put it in a scrapbook 😉

Lily even got in on the action and fed one a carrot! Sadly, one of her brothers crossed between her and the camera just as it was happening.

Oh, Nick. He was hoping the elk would turn his head, so that it would look like he (Nick) had antlers. Haha!

Look at how well I have Miss Lily trained! Camera comes out, she sits down and looks at me!


So I’m sure my Kansas City readers are now dying to know where this place is! I owe this hot tip to KC Edventures – that blogger spoke at the mom’s group I’m in, last fall and I somehow managed to remember this little tip for the last 10 months or so! The Hooved Animal Enclosure is at Flemming Park, along the border of Blue Springs and Lee’s Summit.  It’s free to get in – you just pull in, park and walk up to the fence! It appears they do some sort of ride out to the middle of the field, but I have no idea when or if there’s a charge for that.

Here’s a tip for you – while the elk love apples, they also seem to love carrots! Some other people who were there had a giant bag of carrots, and let us have a couple. Carrots were much easier for the kids to stuff through the fence (Nick had been stomping on the apples to make them smaller), and carrots are cheaper to buy!

The boys had a ball doing this item, didn’t want to leave (even though we were out of food), and are dying to go back!

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