Favorite Things – Video

I love The Sound of Music. I love it so much I did something last week that I don’t normally do… I watched Oprah. She had the cast of the movie on her show and I just had to watch. Nick is a closet lover of The Sound of Music too, and he’s taught the boys a few lines from the famous Favorite Things song. He’s added his own little “Nick twist” to the song though (in the form of a “woof woof” and “buzz buzz”) and the boys find it hilarious. Here are Tyler and Chase performing it for you! (I’m sure Julie Andrews would be proud.)

For those that missed it on Facebook yesterday, the boys did great with the ear tube surgery. Tyler and Chase woke up mellow and enjoyable to be around and Jackson woke up the exact opposite. He was one mean grouch! Thankfully the nurses found his “vocal” ways amusing and not annoying. Once we got him home and finally talked him into some food and drink he settled down. By 4pm the boys were all acting as if nothing had happened so we ran some errands, they played outside and I went to the triplet mom dinner! Woohoo!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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