Favorite Book

The boys have a new book to be obsessed with. Actually, it’s not a new book… we’ve had it since they were only a few months old. We’ve even read it to them a few times since receiving it. Just in the last couple of weeks though they’ve truly become obsessed with it. They ask for it continually, they trample each other trying to get onto the readers lap and when the book is over they ask for more. The book?

Nick and I got a major kick out of this book when it arrived in the mail (it was a gift!). Being from New England (and myself from Maine) we totally “got” the Maine humor throughout the book. The book is full of Maine speak and you can’t help but put on your thickest Maine accent (or what you think is a Maine accent) when you read it.

The pictures are hilarious and it’s like a Where’s Waldo for Maine humor! Toddie (the toddler the book is about) comes home from the hospital on the back of a lumber truck… the name on the truck? Grant’s Lumbah. Bath time happens in the ocean where Toddie wreaks havoc on the lobstermen. The Thanksgiving page has to be my favorite in the whole book. Not only is Toddie shouting in his best Maine voice “Hihowaahya?!” but the picture includes most everyone wearing an orange vest or hat (hunting season you know), snow plows on every vehicle in the yard (even the bike), an orange vest on the cow that says “Don’t shoot, I’m a cow” and so much more.

If you know a Mainer or a Native New Englander who recently had a baby or has their own little Toddie, this whole family (the boys especially!) can whole heartedly recommend buying them The Wicked Big Toddlah!

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