Far Too Exciting

Clearly our life is far too exciting. I still can’t believe I didn’t blog on Thursday or Friday! I don’t even really remember what we did during the day on Thursday, other than maybe stop off at basketball camp to say hi to Nick and let the boys run around the gym in between camp sessions.

Thursday evening I had the most relaxing and beautiful night! What was supposed to have been a decent sized Mom’s Night Out ended up being just one other mom and myself. We met at The Country Club Plaza in Kansas City (a lovely, outdoor and rather upscale shopping and dining area) with our cameras in hand, with the sole purpose of walking around, taking pictures and chatting. Oh, and rewarding ourselves with a little Cold Stone Creamery after!

Fun fact for you – Kansas City has the second most fountains in the world… Rome has the most. There are a lot of fountains at The Plaza and I loved trying to photograph part of this particular fountain from several different angles. For this next picture I simply moved to the left by about 6 inches and it gave me some cool sun and lens flare (the lens flare is that little rainbow spot you see).

I loved the reflection the bridge and lanterns made. We were quite disappointed at dusk though to find that most of the bulbs in the lanterns were not working!

And finally, a shot from the top of a parking garage, at sunset. I took about 150 pictures in the 2.5 hours we walked around. I came home at about 10pm feeling so relaxed and rested. Except for my feet. My feet kinda hurt. Cheap flip flops were not a wise shoe choice.

Friday morning I ended up back down by The Plaza for back to back photo sessions and then I did a third session on Saturday morning. I’ve been an editing machine this weekend as a result! A full preview of the first session from Friday is up on the Faces You Love Photography page, but here are a few from the weekend.

I have to tell you, I came home Friday morning feeling so good about myself! I had been out, doing something I love and I was getting paid for it! I love being home with my kids, but the day to day gets a little dull after a while. Actually, maybe dull isn’t the word I’m looking for… lonely? Monotonous? Regardless, Friday morning felt great!

Anyway, while I was out Friday morning having my fun with the camera and a bunch of adorable children, my sister was here watching my munchkins. The boys always have a ball when Aunt Laura comes to play, and Friday was no exception! Look at the video I came home to…


Good times! On Saturday afternoon we loaded the boys’ bikes up and headed to the church about 40 minutes early so that the boys could ride around in the parking lot. We hadn’t made much progress with biking riding here at home, and figured it was time to get on it. Nick and I were shocked when the boys all just got on their bikes and started pedaling! Huh… maybe when they don’t have the fear of slamming into a parked car when they run out of the 12 feet of driveway they can focus on actually riding. Amazing!

We’re still working on steering, but over all they’re doing great with the bikes! It’ll be awesome when the playground down the street is done being built and the boys can just ride their bikes there instead of walking.

Yesterday evening we went back to the church to watch the movie Aladdin. We’re in the middle of a sermon series on the gospel found in Disney (not the gospel according to Disney) and each Sunday night they put up a big screen in the sanctuary, pop some popcorn and invite people to come watch the whole movie for free (and the popcorn is free too!). The boys had never seen Aladdin and I hadn’t seen it in years.

Sadly, Lily wasn’t a fan of being out past her bedtime so one of us needed to leave with her just as the movie was getting good. We asked Chase (who was Kid of the Day) if he wanted Nick or me to stay with them. He said he wanted Nick because “I love Daddy”. Um, thanks Chase. Ha!

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