Are your triplets identical? Sure are! I didn’t even know identical triplets were possible until it happened to us. My very basic understanding of “how” this happens is that my one little egg split, giving us two and then just one of those split again giving us three!

Do multiples run in your family? No,  they do not. Identicals aren’t a hereditary thing anyway – they just kind of happen… We freak plenty of childbearing age people out with that fun fact!

Can you tell them apart? Yes. The only time we have problems are from behind or if all three of them are wearing sunglasses. Something about the sunglasses tends to mess us up or at least make us pause to really study the rest of their face.

How do you tell them apart? True story, when they were babies we used a sharpie to mark their heels just to be sure we didn’t mix anyone up. Now we can tell by various facial features… Jackson’s mouth is shaped differently than his brothers and his teeth have more spacing between them (both thanks to his blanket sucking/chewing that he did for a couple of years). Chase tends to be super expressive with his eyes and eye brows and Tyler has a distinct smile (usually close-lipped). You can also tell which is Tyler based on body size – he’s visibly smaller than Jackson and Chase.

What kind of camera do you have?

I currently shoot with a Nikon D600. I self-taught myself DSLR photography on a Nikon D3000, and also owned a D7000 for a while.

How do you do it all?

I’ve been hearing this question for years and my answer is the same… I just do. If you ask me that question in person it usually comes with a shrug and a laugh.

When the boys were infants, Nick and I were in survival mode and kind of kicked into an auto-pilot when it came to feedings, changings and sleep. As the boys have gotten older, I’ve become hyper organized whether we’re getting them ready to head out the door, working on my business stuff or the various groups I’m in/lead. Funny thing though… I’m more organized and on-time when I have to get all 4 kids out the door. Just Lily with me? Oh, I’ll be a mess and likely late!

Why do you blog?

At first I blogged to keep family and friends in New England up to date. As time has gone on though, I’ve seen blogging become several things for me. Blogging is an outlet. I love being able to write out my thoughts and feelings. Blogging is a memory keeper. I have so much fun going back and reading old posts. Half the time I don’t even remember experiencing the things I wrote about, but they must have happened because I blogged it! Blogging is fun. I love interacting with readers, giving things away and seeing new comments or e-mails in my inbox.

Where are you located?

We live in the Kansas City area and have called this place home since early in 2005. Before that we lived in the Detroit area for a couple of years. Before Detroit, Nick and I met at Messiah College in south-central Pennsylvania. Before Messiah College, Nick lived in Vermont and I lived in Maine. Fun fact for you – Nick’s grandmother used to live right down the road from my childhood home, meaning he and I very well could have seen each other in passing, as kids!

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  • Stacey Carr

    Hello! I am a friend of your parents, we go the same church in Waldoboro, ME. I have twins that are 18 months. Boy and a girl! Such a blessing from the Lord. I have just one question, when is a good time to start potty training and do you train at the same time or do you train them separate? We have an 8 yr old as well, this was a quite simple task with one. If you have any pointers, I would appreciate. Thank you for your time!ReplyCancel