Family Fun

Last weekend Nick sort of had a 4 day weekend. I say sort of only because he did go to one of the Easter services on Saturday afternoon to help out and then he signed one of us up to help in the nursery Easter Sunday and I took that shift. Basically though, he was off from Friday-Monday. It was great having him around!

Monday morning some rain and storms passed through early and then it was supposed to clear off a bit. We took advantage of the impending sunshine and took the boys to the zoo! Even though I had my camera with me the whole time, I refrained from taking it out and snapping shots of every little thing. Towards the end of our time there, I did snap a few shots of the boys waiting for the Tram and then on the Tram.

The “Put the camera away, Mom” look

March for Babies update: Bad news! I’ve lost two of my walkers! Bummer! Any of my KC reader friends want to step up and walk in their place? On the brighter side, thanks for the donations that have been steadily coming in! We’re at about 30% of my goal now. I figure if I can raise $30 a day between now and the walk I should be able to hit my goal. Can you give even $5? Remember, if each of my regular readers gives just $5 I’ll blow my goal out of the water!

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