Exhausting A Cat

When the boys woke up from their nap on Sunday afternoon I decided to load them up and head to their Aunt Laura’s apartment. They’ve never been over there before and she has a cat, so I knew the trip would be a hit. I pumped them up the whole drive over. By the time we got there, they were pretty excited to see Aunt Laura and her cat Marbles (by the way, that name was chosen by Nick when “Marbles” was just a stray kitten hanging out around our house).

When the boys first entered her apartment they weren’t quite sure what to make of the cat. This wasn’t the first time they’ve seen a kitty up close, but to be fair it has been almost a year since they saw one, so I guess to a 2 year old this could be their “first time”. It was cracking Laura and me up how the boys were seemingly trying to avoid Marbles and yet Marbles was following the boys.

That didn’t last long though. Before long poor Marbles couldn’t catch a break!
Chase wouldn’t even let Marbles hide under the table.
“Where’d the kitty go?”
Marbles eluding Chase
There were a few times Marbles got a little break from being chased down… For the 20 minutes or so I had Laura stick the cat in her bedroom to give my allergies a little rest, and…
Whenever she found a hiding spot…
When Laura brought out the singing Piglet she got when she was a kid
When the movie Elf got turned on (but even that only distracted them for a few minutes)
And when Tyler decided it was time to destroy her living room by throwing all the couch cushions on the floor. (Notice Jackson laying on the little table as well.)
A good time was had by all and Laura says Marbles spent the whole rest of the night curled up asleep. Guess we wore the kitty out. When we left the boys said they wanted to sleep there (and Jackson went a step further to say he wanted to sleep next to the kitty). Now to set up a sleep over so Nick and I can have our first night alone since before the boys came home from the hospital!
Watch tomorrow for an exciting announcement! Well, it’s exciting to me at least and that’s all that counts seeing as it’s my blog.
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