Energy Thieves

We are having an energy crisis in this house. I’m running low on energy and yet my children seem to have an endless supply. Yesterday I was lamenting my lack of energy, when the following conversation happened.

Tyler: Mommy, why are you so tired?

Me: Well, I think it’s because you guys steal my energy and use it for yourselves. That leaves me tired.

Chase: Yeah! We steal your energy!

I knew it…

They’re cute little energy thieves though!

(Totally cracks me up that Lily covers so much of Tyler. Ha!)

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  • Ha ha! Too funny! Cute photo.ReplyCancel

  • They are all too cute!! I would be tired too!ReplyCancel

  • My twin boys are the same way. They never run out of energy! I constantly lament the fact that I can’t bottle some of it to keep on hand when I’m exhausted. I’m sure I could sell it to other parents and make a fortune! LOLReplyCancel

  • Nellie Bragg

    My husband and I were ALWAYS out of energy before the girls were! I always wondered how we could all eat the same things, and our energy levels not be the same.:-) A great picture!ReplyCancel