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Sorry for the delay today! Earlier it looked like rain might be about to hit, so I herded the boys outside for some play time (of course now the clouds are gone and it’s gorgeous). Then after I put them down for their nap I started having some fun with Photoshop. Whoops!

As promised, here are some of my favorite shots from Easter. We took the boys to the city egg hunt on Saturday and it was a total bust. I doubt we’ll go back next year. Instead of having a 2 and under division like was advertised they clumped all kids 5 and under together. And the “older” kids in that division had greedy parents helping them (I can say greedy because many were also grabbing eggs left and right and shoving them in their kid’s basket). Do you see where this is going? The ropes were dropped, “Go!” was yelled and it was a mad stampede down the field to get the eggs. I had Tyler by the hand and Nick was behind me with Jackson and Chase. By the time Ty and I got to the end of the field every single egg had been picked up and Tyler had nothing in his basket. His lower lip popped out and started to quiver and I felt so badly! Nick and I had been pumping the boys up all morning about picking eggs up off the ground and putting them into their baskets.

A couple of moms took pitty on our eggless children and made their kids drop an egg into one of the boys’ baskets. That really didn’t help though, because the boys didn’t get to pick the egg up off the ground. *sigh* We finally distracted them with fun on the nearby playground. Nick and I also promised them we’d do our very own egg hunt at home, and that’s exactly what we did Sunday afternoon…

 Tyler checking out Jackson’s eggs
Yes, that would be a golf ball in Tyler’s hand
And yes, that would be duct tape on Jackson’s basket.
Checking out the fountain at church
On Sunday morning I got the boys all dressed up and tried to take some pictures. I got a couple of funny ones, but nothing that I loved. Then in the afternoon, before we went to church, we switched them into shorts and managed to take a couple of pictures on the porch when we got home.
I think this one is kinda fun with Ty in the foreground and his brothers in the background.
L-R: Chase, Jackson & Tyler
This is my “I can’t believe Nick just picked up my camera and is going to try taking close-ups of me again, I better try to not look annoyed…” face. Sitting with Jackson
Tyler is definitely about to have his sugar crash – you can see it in his face!
I snapped probably 15 pics of Nick and the boys and wouldn’t you know on the ONE picture where all three boys are looking, my super mature husband decided to cross his eyes? ARGH!
Oh well, that’s what Photoshop is for, right? A little head swapping never hurt anyone!
I haven’t heard from either of my giveaway winners yet! You ladies have until tomorrow night to get in touch with me before I draw alternate winners!

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