Dressing Up

I think it’s time to assemble a box of dress up clothes for the boys. They’ve always loved wearing hats, so we’ve kept those in a spot they can reach, but lately their imaginations are taking off and with those imaginations they’ve taken to “dressing up” in old clothes. And by old, I mean clothes they wore over 2 years ago!

That would be Chase wearing a size 6-9 month romper and a size 0-6 month winter hat. What a goof! See, this weekend I was going through old clothes and tagging them for this week and next week’s consignment sales. I found a few stray baby items and so set them aside, just in case this baby is a boy (yep, I’ve sold most everything so only have a few things left). The boys thought it would be fun to dress like babies so Nick helped them put the rompers on. I couldn’t believe they fit them around the waist! Guess they’ve really thinned out in the last two years. Ha!

Then, a couple of days ago the boys got down some jackets to wear. Keep in mind, it was 95 degrees outside and 79 in our house. They begged me to help them put them on, so I did, but I refused to zip them up (it was just too warm!). Then they brought me socks…. for their hands (like mittens). I’m humored them and put them on and then they told me they wanted to go outside and play in the snow. Uhhh…. boys, it’s 95!


Chase, Jackson and Tyler

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    These pictures are beautiful!!! I swear they keep getting better and better.ReplyCancel