Doing Shots

I know I’ve already posted today (my What’s for Dinner Wednesday post), but I’ve been sitting on these pictures for several days and I just can’t hold back any longer!

Yep, that’s Tyler with a shot glass… of milk! So why does he have a shot glass in front of him? Well, back when the boys were only 4 months old Nick traveled to Disney World for a conference (it’s a rough job he has, huh?) and the souvenir he brought back was a Mickey Mouse shot glass (Mickey’s face is on the side facing Tyler).  I remember cracking up when I saw what he brought back, but when you put that little shot glass next to a 4 month old preemie, the cup didn’t look so much like a shot glass!

Earlier this week one of the boys spotted the tiny cup in the cupboard when trying to figure out what “special cup” he wanted to use as Kid of the Day. Now the cup is making the rounds and has been filled with milk, chocolate milk, hot cocoa, water and OJ.

Apparently on this day, I put a little too much milk in the glass because Tyler couldn’t figure out how to drink it without spilling. He finally resorted to this move…

Cracks Nick and me up every time we see one of the boys drinking from that cup! I suspect when Nick comes back from Disney again in a few months (yep, he gets to go back and of course I’ll be too pregnant for the boys and I to tag along) he’ll have to pick up two more Mickey Mouse shot glasses.

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