Dirt, Stars and A Winner

Little Happys Purse Winner: selected comment #40 this morning, which belongs to Christina Anne D! Congratulations! Watch your e-mail for instructions on claiming your prize. You’ll have 48 hours to respond, or an alternate winner will be selected.

I’ll have a brand new giveaway tomorrow morning!

Boys love dirt. The other day we were spending some time at a neighbor’s house and the boys (mine and hers) were thoroughly enjoying scooping and dumping dirt. It was definitely a bath night!

Star Chart Update:

We’re now on Day 7 of the great Star Chart experiment! The boys earned candy (6 stars) in two days and a Sonic Drink (15 stars) in just over 4 days. They’re now working towards a small toy or book (30 stars) and currently stand at 26 stars for Tyler, and 22 each for Jackson and Chase.

While this wasn’t a magic cure-all for our issues here, I do believe it’s helping. Tyler used to not care at all if he got his underwear wet, but when he had an accident Saturday night (at church) we’re told he actually cried because he knew he wouldn’t get a star. We’ve also had very few meal time issues now and the boys have gotten dressed for Nick every morning without giving him trouble.

Know what I’m most excited about though? They’re starting to stay in bed at night! Tyler has fallen asleep in his own bed, with the door open 4 times this week! That’s unheard of here! Chase has done the same the last two nights in a row, which yep, means he and Tyler actually fell asleep in the same room. Wait, it gets better! Last night all three fell asleep in their room, in their beds, with the door open. Granted, it was 10pm before they crashed (they went down shortly after 8), but they weren’t running around their room or house like wild men, like usual! Instead, we listened to them talk and giggle for an hour and a half. While it’s not the ideal result, we’ll take it for now. Plus, it was quality entertainment listening to them talk about random things!

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  • Ooooh, the bedtime thing is worth a star chart alone at our house. Hmmmmmm…..ReplyCancel

  • Small steps…good job, boys!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie

    woohoo!! I hope it continues for you!! We are getting lucky that M will fall asleep on the floor of our room on her bed! My husband still has to lay down there with her till shes almost out but its better than having to share our bed! I’m hoping we will move her to her room soon. We tried one night but she ended up back in our room after L started crying in the middle of the night and woke her up.ReplyCancel

  • Yea! Glad bedtimes are looking up! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • RoseAnne

    Congratulations on finding something that seems to be helping in several areas. Sometimes it only takes something like this to turn that corner. And I’m convinced that a pile of dirt in the backyard provides more entertainment than anything you can buy at the store.ReplyCancel