April has been an awesome month for us…. First we had 4 days with Nick’s parents visiting and then we had 10 days with my parents visiting! Know what all the awesomeness means? It means I need to detox my children. In the last week Lily has re-learned that a single little “uhhhh!” from her will not mean she is immediately scooped up. The boys have had to learn that we are not eating out every day, nor do they get to mess around at bedtime.

Incidentally, I’ve also had to go through some slight detox… as in, I now have to go back to making dinner every night. Boo!

While it’s been just over a week since my parents flew back to Maine, I still have quite a few pictures of their  time here that I haven’t shown yet! Here you go, in no particular order…

If you give a Lily a chocolate covered strawberry….

She’ll probably make a mess with it!

Silly picture, with Pop Pop!

All wearing their matching “lighthouse shirts” (shirts from the fire department my dad volunteers with).

Now I want some ice cream… who cares that it isn’t even noon yet? 🙂

Feeding grass to a bunch of baby goats.

The view on the other side of the fence cracked me up!

Feeding fish…

Which is obviously quite exciting for Jackson!

I love the look on Jackson’s face here… it’s like he’s thinking “forget this! I’ll just use the water in the fridge!”

Look! Ty’s a butterfly! (It was kids night at Red Robin, and a balloon artist was there.)

Oh man, Chase is an alligator!

And now Ty is a flying alligator!

And this was just before a massive meltdown (I don’t remember by who) began. Jackson (on the end) has a giant, pink dinosaur on his head.

My parents got to be Mystery Readers in the boys’ classroom, which was awesome!

We also went bowling, and pretty much had the place to ourselves.

And there are my parents and my kiddos.

Obviously we had a lot of fun while they were here, which is also why the detox period was so necessary 😉

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  • Love Lily’s belly!!!ReplyCancel

  • Linda

    Helen I LOVE your blog! Your kids are just beautiful. I have one question though, why are your pictures (which I usually think are awesome) so distorted lately??ReplyCancel

    • Linda, I still haven’t been able to figure out why you’re seeing them distorted. So far, only one other person has mentioned seeing them as stretched and distorted – everyone else sees them as they should (I polled people on Facebook last week when you first asked).ReplyCancel

  • I LOVE the baby belly!

    Were the the baby goats at DeAnna Rose? I’m in need of a good petting zoo for my kiddos.ReplyCancel

    • Yes, that’s where! Hot tip – go late in the afternoon. It’s MUCH less crowded because all of the schools field tripping there have had to leave.ReplyCancel

  • Linda

    Hi Helen, Sorry, I didn’t remember asking about the pictures last week…my mom brain is dragging! It’s really strange that I’m getting stretched out pictures and other people aren’t. Oh well, the kids are adorable either way…..thanks for looking into it!ReplyCancel

    • Don’t worry about it! Mom brain plagues us all 🙂

      I’m contemplating a design shift soon, so hopefully that will help with the pictures. The other person who is having problems mentioned that if she clicks on the image it takes her to a new page, where the picture is properly sized. Just an option until then 🙂ReplyCancel