Destroying the House

When Nick is in charge of the boys while I’m gone or trying to sneak in a nap, I never know what I will find when I re-enter the living room or playroom.

Last weekend I was exhausted and told Nick I was going back to bedroom to take a nap. He took that opportunity to “fence” the boys into the living room. He claimed it was to keep the boys from banging on the bedroom door while I was sleeping, but I think he just likes thrilling the boys with new set-ups.

He took all cushions off the couch to block one door and then he actually MOVED the whole couch to the other side of the living room in order to block off the wide entry way to the dining room.

I wonder what things will look like here when I return from my mom’s group this morning….

Before anyone begins to think I am the one to clean these “messes” up, let me clarify. Nick is very good about cleaning things up. In fact, it’s quite possible that by the time I arrive home from my mom’s group the boys will be fed, down for a nap and the house picked up.

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