Dear Jackson

Dear Jackson,

I often find it hard to believe the 4 pound 4 ounce little baby with big eyes that I held just two years ago is the same 27.5 pound boy who daily brings such joy to my life. It amazes me that your eyes still hold the same sparkle and curiosity as they did just days after you were born!

Even though your blankets often smell nasty, the way you shove your blanket into your mouth is adorable and endearing to Daddy and me. Much the same way you continually asked to be “pee up’d” (picked up) is endearing. Sure, sometimes my back is killing me and the last thing I want to do is hoist you onto my hip but how can I deny such a cute little boy? Especially when I realize in a short time you truly will be too heavy to pick up all the time, and then I’ll blink and you won’t want to be picked up even if I offer.

Your enthusiasm for music and dancing is always entertaining to watch and I sometimes find myself wondering if you’ll have a future in the arts instead of sports (shhhh…. don’t tell your daddy I said that!). To hear you belting out “na na’s” and to see you dance around the house, the deck, the yard or in your car seat brings so much joy to our lives!

I love you little man! Keep dancing and keep singing – it spreads too much joy not to share!


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