Days Like These

Christmas break has come and gone, which also marks the halfway point of the school year.

You know what that means? It’s all downhill from here to the end of Jackson, Ty, and Chase’s time in elementary school. You guys, our babies will be in middle school come August!

Middle. School.

At various milestones this school year, one of them has said things like “that’s our last Halloween party!“, or “that was our final all school Christmas sing-along“. Ugh, just stop boys!

Middle school feels like it’s approaching at light speed, and I can feel the boys slipping from my grasp. Thank goodness I still have Lily, or I’d be a mess!

There’s a gift that comes with this realization of time passing quickly: a fresh awareness and appreciation for the little things that happen in the every day moments.

Things like the sound of all 4 of my kids playing together; watching them laugh, play, and get along at a place outside of Walt Disney World (cause that magic is no joke!) is one of the greatest parenting rewards!

Or the amazing way they are with their little cousin Lucas – I tell you what, there is nothing sweeter than watching Jackson ask Lucas for a hug!

Today Lily reached for my hand when we were walking from the car into Target, and I thought my heart would burst. At almost 8, I don’t often hold her hand in parking lots (unless it’s super busy), and she almost never reaches for mine on her own.

Know what else? My boys still like to snuggle up with me on the couch while we watch TV or a movie. Even though their feet smell (and I’ve had to actually make them go wash their feet during a commercial), I adore their snuggles and being able to easily kiss the tops of their heads.

Oh, those sweet, pre-teen boys. They make me crazy sometimes when the pre-teen really shows, but they are the sweetest and I love them so!

I’m going to fill the next 5 months soaking up all of these little moments, and enjoying the days like these, because before I know it the boys will be in middle school, Lily will be left all alone in elementary school, and then I’ll blink and it’ll be time for college.

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