Curse You, Nausea!

Silly me. I thought my nausea or “morning sickness” would get better as I neared the end of the first trimester! Instead, things are getting worse. I had about a week earlier in the month where I felt fantastic, and then a heat wave set in and I quickly realized I couldn’t hang out in the 95 degree heat and humidity without feeling rather sick.

We’re now a couple of weeks into the heat wave and I’ve been diligent about not being outside very often and keeping our house just as cool as our ancient air conditioner can handle. The last few days though I’ve been feeling terribly more and more often. I hit 11 weeks on Wednesday, so you can understand my frustration! I’m so close to the end of the first trimester, that the possibility of feeling worse wasn’t even on my mind!

Know who I really feel badly for though? The boys. They’re dying to get outside more often, even if it’s just to play in the pool in the backyard or go to the sprayground. Sadly, even being outside for 20 minutes brings on the nausea so the boys have been relegated to staying home and making the house look like a tornado touched down inside. Yesterday I braved the sprayground for a whopping 20 minutes before I’d had enough. Thankfully, the boys were just grateful to be out and about!

Jackson (you can tell by the belly button)

I have to say this though, the boys have been very understanding (usually) when I’ve told them I don’t feel well. They nod in sympathy and say “baby in Momma’s belly make you not feel well”. That line is often followed by “hugs and kisses make you feel better!” and they’ll crawl up next to me to cuddle. Definitely makes me feel better! Well, that and an ice cold vanilla Diet Coke from Sonic.

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  • Oh, gosh Helen! Hope you get to feeling better really soon. It’s sweet of the boys to be so understanding, though.
    You’ve made me want a vanilla diet Coke…nearest is 40 miles away. Bummer. LOLReplyCancel

  • If only a kiss could make the all-day sickness go away 🙂
    Drew keeps trying that with my broken toe LOLReplyCancel