Current Obsessions

My children are currently obsessed with a few things. Some of them they’ve been obsessed with for several months and some it’s only been a month or less of obsessing. Then there are the long-term obsessions, like the movie Cars, where they will request to watch it every day for weeks and then go a month or more without caring before they start requesting it again.

Aside from Cars, popcorn, Sonic slushies, the ice cream truck and my pregnancy, here are some of their current favorites….

Special thanks to Mr. Tyler for being such a willing and, uh, happy participant/model.

Obviously Blue’s Clues is a crowd please around here, considering their birthday party theme revolved around it. One of these days I’m going to catch the boys on video singing one of the many Blue’s Clues songs and post it. It’s hilarious and cute all at once!

I’m not really sure that the boys are obsessed with all of the book Big Dog, Little Dog, but more that they’re obsessed with this one part of the book. The part where one dog asks another if they like their hat and the other dog says “no”. I’m pretty sure we “act out” this section 2-3 times a day.

Now this book, Are You My Mother, really is a favorite. It’s pretty much a sure thing at bedtime that one of the boys (usually Tyler) will pick it for their bedtime story. Thanks to this book, whenever we drive by a back-hoe the boys yell “Snort! You’re not my mother, you are a snort. I have to get out of here!” Highly entertaining with all of the construction going on around here lately…

And finally we have Dora the Explorer.  The boys didn’t have a clue who Dora was until our vacation to Omaha in July. While there, we flipped on the TV one morning and a Dora episode was on. Know what it was about? An ice cream truck. The boys were hooked. After we got home, Nick found Dora episodes on NetFlix instant watch, and it was all downhill from there. When Nick took them into Party City last week to pick out balloons for their birthday they all picked Dora. When we went PJ shopping at Kohls a couple of weeks ago, we had to explain why they couldn’t have the pink, Dora nightgowns. We also had a similar discussion when they were picking out new underwear.

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  • But they would be so cute in pink Dora underwear and nightgowns! LOL! Sutton loves “Are You my Mother”, too. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Oh Dora is much more popular at our house than Diego for sure. And I’d love a new Dr. Seuss book – it’s Green Eggs and Ham. Drew can recite the whole darn thing! We’re “lucky” if we can squeeze in “Hop on Pop”.ReplyCancel

  • Oh come on!!! No pink undies and jammies for the boys!!??? 😉ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie

    Cars, Dora and Blues Clues are the huge ones here too 🙂 You should tell them to get Diego, its Dora’s cousin that way its not girlie hehe! And yes, its so hard to explain to M that she can’t have Cars underwear! The outfits we will sometimes buy but not the undies!ReplyCancel

  • What a great idea to actually photograph them holding their current obsessions. I used to blog about my daughter’s favorite movies/books, but it would have been even better to have pictures of her holding them.

    BTW, my Indestructibles came in the mail yesterday. So exciting! Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Why am I cracking up at the “Do you like my hat?” “I do not”?

    I can totally see why that section is obsessable. Like, if I was 3, I think I would want to act that out all of the time, too.

    I need to get that book—I want to know what else those dogs are up to 🙂ReplyCancel