Crickets vs. Organic Insect Killer – Giveaway!

I hate crickets. They gross me out. You never know which direction they’re going to jump! Little black crickets don’t creep me out nearly as much as the big brown crickets we have in our basement. And why is it these crickets must take up residence in the area around our washer and dryer? It’s like they know that’s the only place I go in the basement! I get shivers just thinking about those hoppy things!

In light of the icky bugs living in my basement, when the folks at EcoSMART contacted me about reviewing their organic insect killer and then giving some away on my blog I was all over it! Something that will kill the crickets? Sign me up! Plus, you all know I’ve been trying to incorporate more organic and all natural products into our life, so hearing about all natural pesticides was appealing to me.

I’ll confess to you all, when I heard I’d get to review these products here I had grand plans of taking a picture of the disgusting crickets (before I killed them of course). Then I thought better of that. I mean, what if the cricket hopped at me while I was taking it’s picture?! Ick! So instead I just stalked the little buggers with my giant can of Ant & Roach killer. Job done!

EcoSMART also sent me some Home Pest control (can’t wait to try that out on the ants that try to invade our kitchen each spring), Flying Insect Killer (looking forward to trying that one around our deck this summer – we had a serious fly problem last year) and Insect Repellent which should be great to keep the mosquitoes at bay this summer. Guess what? You can win your very own set!

How to Enter:
1. Tell me why you need/want this product. What pests (besides your kids of course) are bugging you lately or will be bugging you come spring?
2. Become a follower of this blog or tell me if you already are.
It’s that easy! Winner will be drawn and announced next Monday, the 15th. You have until 10pm on Sunday the 14th to enter. Contest is only open to US Residents. Winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize or an alternate winner will be chosen.

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