Crib Antics

When the boys wake up too early from their nap (anything under 2 hours is too early), I leave them in their cribs a bit longer in hopes that they’ll go back to sleep. Sometimes they do and sometimes, well sometimes it turns into playtime for them…

Earlier this week I heard quite a bit of giggling coming from their bedroom, but I resisted the urge to look in on them. I knew as soon as they saw me, nap time would be all over. Finally about about 15 minutes of listening to them carrying on, I decided to give up on nap time for the day. Here’s what I found.

See that nice, neat pile of blankets in front of Chase’s crib? Those would be the blankets that had started out in their cribs at nap time. Apparently they thought it would be fun to pass them all down to Chase so that he could throw them out of his crib. Obviously Jackson passed his to Tyler, who then passed it on to Chase because there’s no way he tossed his blanket all the way over there!

I feel like this is the beginning of their plotting stage and it’s making this mommy nervous.

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