Crayola Colored Bubbles – Giveaway

Messes are a common occurrence in my house, and messy fun is also rather common. I guess I figure I can’t avoid the messes, so might as well make them fun ones!

Yesterday afternoon a box arrived from the folks at MyBlogSpark and Crayola and the boys were dying to see what was inside! Everything I received in my box, could be yours too – just keep reading!

Our messy fun kit contained 3 bottles of the newly reformulated Crayola Colored Bubbles and a Bubble Launcher with two more bottles of the bubble solution. I say reformulated, because apparently the first time these were released the bubbles stained skin and clothes terribly, so Crayola (wisely) tweaked the recipe and made the solution more washable.

So my thoughts? The bubbles are fun! However, I was expecting the bubbles to really be colored, not just slightly tinted. The pictures on the box make it look like you’ll actually see vibrantly purple, pink, and yellow bubbles, but that’s not exactly the case. The first time we blew some of the pink ones, one of the boys said “Hey! It’s not pink! It looks like a regular bubble!”. Now, sometimes the bubbles are more heavily colored and you can tell they’re different, and if you look at the “bottoms” of the bubbles (like in the picture above) you can see the color collecting there.

The Bubble Launcher that came in our kit was terrible! I don’t know if we got a dud, or if they’re all like this, but all the cranking in the world (by me or the boys) only resulted in 3 or 4 bubbles coming out every 5 seconds or so. Such a bummer!


Now, all that being said… They’re bubbles and bubbles are popular with my kids! Know what else they are? They’re messy, and messy is popular with my kids too!

There’s a warning label on the boxes that says not to use these at weddings…. No joke! Could you imagine these spots on a wedding dress? Yikes!

And you also should definitely not use these in your house…

You know what? The spots washed out of their clothes! I had the boys change into play clothes, just in case, and I washed their clothes later that night (using our homemade laundry soap) and while the set-in stains from who knows what didn’t come out, the bubble spots did! Awesome!

And the stains on the skin? Came off by just rubbing a paper towel on it! Sweet! Better yet, the drops on my deck and the boys’ picnic table easily hosed off.

Bottom line: While they weren’t as colorful as we’d hoped, and the bubble launcher was a bust, the boys had a ball with the bubbles and I’m sure will be begging me later today to let them play with them again. They washed out of clothes, the deck and skin easily, which is a big plus with me.

Here are Chase and Ty’s thoughts on the bubbles (and whether or not it’s going to rain apparently) in video form!

There you have it – overall the colored bubbles were a hit!

Want to Win?

Simply leave a comment below telling me what your favorite kind of messy fun is!

Giveaway is only open to US Residents. Winner will be randomly selected and announced on April 12th. Winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize or an alternate winner will be selected.

Disclaimer: MyBlogSpark and Crayola sent me this product to review and giveaway. The package shipped to my home was the extent of the compensation for my time. All of the thoughts above are totally my own, and not those of Crayola or MyBlogSpark.

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  • andrea

    We have some of the first batch-first formula of these. My kids and a babysitter we had wanted to try bubble-dying white t-shirts with them, so I said go for it! They had purple, green and orange. They went heavy with the bubbles and bubble goo on the white t-shirts. The purple faded out as soon as it dried. The orange and green stayed. We let them sit for a couple of months (mostly because I forgot about them!) before I rinsed them out, then washed them. (I rinsed them in the sink because I didn’t want to dye any of our other clothes.) The color in those two shirts rinsed right out! Even after sitting there for months. (Neat fact, once wet, the purple showed up again in the rinse water.)

    Once I washed them and dried them, those two shirts that had been SOAKED in the bubbles were white. And I didn’t add anything special to the wash for them either.

    So, yes, I was quite impressed at how well they washed out. We had some spots on our driveway for a while, but between the sun and the rains, they went away before I realized it.

    That said, I would NOT use them inside! LOLReplyCancel

  • Jenni

    Glad to hear they changed the formula we had them when they first came out and they stained like crazy. I’ll have to try the new ones.

    Our fav. kind of messy fun is painting at my house.ReplyCancel

  • krista

    Fave messy fun at our house is baking … mostly because of the edible results, most of the time.ReplyCancel


    I really hope these are reformulated because the old version was the DEVIL!!!! They go on my “list”. 1. moon sand 2. colored bubbles 🙂

    I prefer kitchen messes. Cookies anyone????ReplyCancel

  • My favorite kind of messy fun is fingerpainting with instant pudding! That is absolutely the best! Finger licking good!:-)ReplyCancel

  • Anna

    Playdoh – super messy at my house, I find dried up bits under the table all the time!ReplyCancel

  • tess

    messy fun- my kids love to draw with markers
    tcogbill at live dot comReplyCancel

  • My favorite messy is food messy! Anything you can eat with your hands/face palm into! And mud and snow! Outdoorsy messes!ReplyCancel

  • Rhonda Grisham

    We love to draw with crayons, and markers…everywhere 🙂ReplyCancel

  • My personal favorite messy fun is annual holiday Christmas cookie baking.

    I’m sure my son would have a different story – like playing in dirt or sand.ReplyCancel

  • Zoie

    My son loves to help make bread and pancakes with Daddy.ReplyCancel

  • Patricia Crowley

    My kids love playing around in the creek behind our house…it’s not so bad on the hot/dry days…but REALLY messy on the muddy days!ReplyCancel

  • wendy r

    Making chocolate chip cookies!ReplyCancel

  • Lizzy

    Our favorite kind of messy is painting!ReplyCancel

  • Monica S.

    Making good ole fashioned mud pies! Fun! Meri will do it anyday… Madi needs more conviencing (she doesn’t like to get dirty)! Madi is truly a girl after my own heart!ReplyCancel

  • Jenny

    We love to finger paint and my kids also love baking.ReplyCancel

  • we just love finger paints in our house!ReplyCancel

  • our messes game is with shaving cream and food colouring to make marble painting or shaving cream and cornflour to make moulds to shape and when dry paintReplyCancel