Cookie Decorating With 2 Year Olds

Turns out the boys are still a bit young for cookie decorating. I’m thinking the decision to let them decorate gingerbread men with their older cousins (ages 3 and 5) was not one of my smarter moves of 2009. Oh well. Live and learn!

Of course, the boys thoroughly enjoyed their time with giant bowls of frosting on the table… Jackson alone had probably 5 or 6 spoonfuls of the sweet stuff!

Tyler had fun too and I saw him sneak a couple of spoons of frosting. I think he had more fun though watching his cousins decorate their cookies.
Chase wasn’t into the whole “spoon it on in big globs” way of decorating. He wanted to try out the special decorating squeeze bottles. He wasn’t really strong enough to squeeze much out though, so really he ended up just jamming cookie up the tip.
After their lunch of frosting and cookie bits, we gave the boys some meatballs for dessert… Oh boy was Jackson a mess by the end of all of that!

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