Come a Long Way

Almost one year ago (October 20th to be precise) I moved from a website type set up at to this blog here on blogspot. The move seemed minor to me at first, but boy oh boy have things changed (for the better!) as a result!

When I left FreeWebs, I was averaging 40 hits a day and was only blogging 2 or 3 times a week at best.

As of this weekend I am now averaging over 200 hits a day and am blogging 6 and sometimes 7 days a week! Last week I also gained my 100th follower!

If it hasn’t been obvious to you before now, I have grown to love blogging. It’s my outlet. It’s my journal. It’s my connection to family and friends thousands of miles away. It’s a way I’ve made friends! Without blogging I wouldn’t remember half of the funny things my boys do or say.

Last week I was honored to see I had been nominated by some fellow bloggers for the Multiples and More Blog of the Year! I was surprised to see my name mentioned during the nomination process and even more surprised to see I was in the top 3. The top 3 blogs are now being voted on in each catergory of the Blog Awards, including my category “Blog of the Year”.

I need your help! I’m currently losing by a landslide. I know if you all go vote I could at least give my competitors a run for their money. Voting is simple: Go to Multiples and More and scroll about halfway down the page until you see the voting boxes on the right hand side. “Blog of the Year” is the last voting box on the page. After you vote for me, feel free to check out the other blogs that have been nominated in other categories! Personally, I am a huge fan of Sarah at The Great Umbrella Heist for “Best Photography”!

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